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About us

M.A.G. IT Cloud Consultancy Limited

Does your business have an IT problem - get in touch with MAG IT CC and we’ll see how we can help resolve it.

MAG IT CC and its team have been providing IT support to clients in London and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years. We provide solutions that allow businesses, of all sizes, that ensure the smooth operation of their computer systems. Our services include: Microsoft/Office 365; Cloud based systems/server; Backup & Disaster Recovery; Voice over IP telephony; Web Development; IT Installations; IT Consultancy Services; IT Hardware, Software & License Purchasing; Remote Support and other areas.

IT Support Services

365 & Cloud

If you are looking to move some or all your IT systems to the cloud, or are already using Microsoft/Office 365, speak to us. This is one of the areas we excel in.

We have been working with & support 365 services since March 2012 and we have been providing cloud computing solutions to our clients for over 10 years. We can provide solutions from simple & secure shared file space all the way up to hosting your entire business systems, online. We are always happy to assist.

We are able to Support Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon (AWS).

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Is your business backing up all its critical business data, on a regular basis, and are you sure that you could restore that data quickly and efficiently in the event of a major system problem?

If you’re looking for a new or replacement backup system, please get in contact with us. We can help you to decide upon the best solution for your business. We can install a fully managed backup process which is not only reliable but also one which is secure so you can be certain that no matter what happens to your business data, you will be able to restore it, using our easy to operate online backup service. Contact us now and we can tell you how MAG IT can assist you to replace your manual, unreliable and time consuming backup systems by providing a scalable, fully automated, encrypted and secure online managed backup solution – at a price that fits you.

Voice over IP Hosted Telephony

Do you have a telephone system in your office? If it’s an old-fashioned, phone line (‘PABX’) based system then it is time to look to change - but are you worried about the cost or impact to the business? It’s likely that switching to a hosted telephone system could improve your business AS WELL as saving you money.

The trouble with older telephone systems is that they utilize telephone lines - and telephone lines are expensive.  There is the monthly line rental and call charges - plus there is the cost of buying the telephone system hardware and handsets as well as maintenance.

With a hosted system a lot of those costs are mitigated so it could save your business money and more important time, to get on with other tasks. If you upgrade to a hosted telephone system, you can reduce call costs, reduce line rental costs and replace those costs with a simple monthly fee per user to access a phone system which is completely in the cloud with physical handsets on site.

Hosted telephone systems use internet connections instead of traditional phone lines.

Web Development

MAG IT can take a modern, pro-active approach to web development.

IT Installations

From one PC to an entire business computer network and everything in between! MAG IT CC can help you choose the correct computer hardware & software for your business – and then we can install it for you quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.

Our experienced team, backed by product managers from all of the major IT manufacturers, can make sure that you make the right choices - making sure your business computer systems run as efficiently as possible. We can help you to choose the correct server or servers, PCs, network switches, routers, printers, backup devices and everything else you may need for the operation of your business. Ask MAG IT about your next IT installation.

IT Consultancy

MAG IT CC’s consultancy services can assist clients determine solutions to more interesting IT services issues, be they around people, process, technology or more likely all three. There are plenty of consultancy organisations out there that will focus on the planned or procurement aspects of IT, but infrequently do they have the functional pedigree, foresight and hands-on approach required to put ideas into effective practice. It is MAG IT's experience that clients are disenchanted and unconvinced about the engagement of consultancy organisations and are looking for a more end-to-end outcome-based approach.

As we are independent of any third-party product or service, this combination of customer closeness, neutrality and real-world experience, means we are a model choice for our clients to help them with more challenging initiatives that may involve organisational, or business change, demanding a transformation of significant parts of IT Service Delivery.

 IT Hardware, Software & License Purchasing

MAG IT CC can help you with all your IT procurement whether hardware, software or licensing we have all the right partners relationships in place.

Remote Support

MAG IT CC use remote support technology to be able to provide remote support to almost every IT device within a client’s infrastructure. All the way from servers down to iPhones (yes, even iPhones!). Using secure methods, we can provide your business the support it needs, quickly and on the move.


Please contact us and we will come back to you to arrange a further discussion.